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Programma Programma di Cooperazione Territoriale Europea "Grecia-Italia 2007 – 2013"
Asse 3. Improving the quality of life, protection of the environment and enhancement of social and cultural cohesion
Misura 3.1.  Promotion of cultural and natural heritage
Titolo progetto Promotion and enhancement of common maritime culture
Acronimo Magna Grecia Mare
Leader partner Apulia Region - Hunting and Fishing  Department -
Partner italiani

- Municipality of Giovinazzo

- Magna Grecia Mare Portus Apulia Region Veneris Association

- Municipality of Tricase

Partner esteri

- Municipality of Corfù

- Fisherman's Association of Petritis (Corfù)

Sintesi del progetto

The overall objective of the project is to influence this process by proposing a development model to “preserve and enhance knowledge and flavours of the cultural heritage of the coasts and sea” for tourist purposes. The proposed model is focused on the rediscovery and enhancement of the cultural heritage of the small fishing communities of Tricase, Giovinazzo and Corfu: the ancient seafaring activities and equipment, the traditional fishing techniques, the types of boats and routes, the procedures for the preservation, processing and consumption of local fish, and many other attractions.The objective is to safeguard and make available to sea tourists this huge socio-cultural heritage ensuring an economic return to fishermen and small ports’ communities. To this purpose a single “route” will be created, a path joining Giovinazzo to Tricase and Corfu (Magna Grecia Mare Consortium): tourists will land in small ports transformed in ports museums enriched with evidence of the past, they will visit the houses on the sea, small “laboratories” where to find a dedicated documentation centre, taste traditional food, find indications on the accommodation in one of “fishermen’s houses” (“spread” hotel) or on how to discover the landscape and cultural beauties of the territory. This shall be done pursuing the following specific purposes:

• Setting up of a shared multimedia library on maritime culture. A paper-based and computer-based documentation centre shall be shared electronically between partners, and targeted to collect, preserve, record and share evidence and documentation on maritime culture;

• Setting up of a network of sea laboratories. Qualified facilities for the knowledge of the coast and sea resources, the accommodation of tourists (distributed hospitality), to learn to cook or just taste traditional products and recipes. The laboratories shall also be used to train young people as operators for the development of sea-related tourism, by an itinerant path between Greece, Apulia and by sea (Portus Veneris Caique).

• Setting up of the “Port Museum”. Educational paths on the docks shall continue in the sea laboratories. Evidence of the local culture related to the local maritime culture, fisheries and related products and traditions shall be recovered and set-up.

The final result of the project shall ensure 20% increase of the current tourist flux.

The feasibility and future sustainability of the project is ensured by the availability of resources (ports and premises for laboratories), the political will of territorial administrations, and the knowledge heritage of local associations.

Settori di intervento Culture, environmental and fish
Paesi di intervento Italy and greece
Budget di progetto 1.063.879,50
Budget Regione Puglia 177.000,00
Inizio/fine progetto 01/09/2011 – 31/08/2013
Sito web di riferimento
Referente per la Puglia Ing. Gennaro Russo